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Release from Annual General meeting 2012 of Odd Molly

Odd Molly International AB (publ)

Stockholm, April 26, 2012

The Annual General Meeting of Odd Molly International AB (publ) held today, adopted the Parent Company’s and the Group’s consolidated income statements and balance sheets for 2011. The Meeting resolved to pay a dividend of SEK 3,00 (4,50) to the shareholders for the 2011 fiscal year. Granting the Board and CEO freedom from liability for the 2011 fiscal year.

The Meeting passed resolutions concerning members of the Board and re-elected the Board Members Christer Andersson, Mia Arnhult, Patrik Tillman, Nils Vinberg and Karin Wallin-Norman. Christer Andersson was re-elected Chairman of the Board. Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan declined re-election. The Meeting also elected Lennart Björk as member of the Board. Lennart Björk, born1942, founder and CEO of Gant 2001-2012, also has other assignments as chairman of Boomerang, VärmlandsMethanol and New Moon AB. The resolutions were passed in accordance with the Nomination Committee’s proposals.

The Meeting also resolved, in accordance with proposals from the Nomination Committee, that fees in an unchanged amount of SEK 150,000 would be payable to the Chairman of the Board and in an unchanged amount of SEK 100,000 to each member of the Board, whereby total director fees will amount to SEK 650,000.

The registered accounting firm Ernst & Young AB was re-elected for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting to be held 2013.

It was resolved that auditor fees would be payable in accordance with approved invoices. Furthermore, resolutions were also passed concerning guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives, Nomination Committee.

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